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Tour to the Panglao Bohol Nova Sea Shell Museum

Take a tour with us to the Panglao Bohol Nova Sea Shell Museum

Nova shell musiem
Nova Shell Museum in Bohol has thousands of seashells from all over the world on display here in Panglao.

The museum is owned and operated by Mr. Quirino Hora who has devoted his life to collecting, studying and archiving these underwater creatures.
It was his elder brother’s introduction to these enchanting sea creatures that eventually turned Mr. Hora into a compulsive collector of shells.

His hobby soon developed into a source of income for his family and provided employment opportunities to the locals as well.
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And since the waters of Panglao in particular and Bohol in general were deemed a haven for the biggest variety of shells in the South Pacific, shell collectors enjoyed an immense supply of fascinating species for a thriving business.